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“Exceptional and unique support for both body and soul. So glad you came to my rescue. In credible personal qualities combined with years of professional experience make Jill a real positive alternative to health and wellbeing.” SC Tobermory

“Thank you so much for the sessions they really helped.” .

AT Lancs, CL Manchester, LM Mull.

In March 2020, following an advanced cancer diagnosis of unknown primary at age 47, I immediately began 1 to1 sessions with Jill.

During the initial 6 months I didn’t know if Jill’s sessions were preparing me to live or preparing me to die but I knew that I absolutely needed them – they were a crucial support during my darkest hour, and I don’t know what would have become of me without them.  The sessions involved Jill ‘tuning in’ and facilitating the release of emotional trauma, pain relief and the opportunity for a restorative and nurturing relaxation.  Jill’s professional experience as a nurse, a counsellor and an energy healer are an invaluable support for my medical and emotional needs during my ongoing cancer journey. Jill’s intuition guides her sessions and I have found that with Jill’s support my health continues to move in the right direction. She has worked on the physical health of one of my kidneys – which at one point I thought I would need to be removed.   Each session is different – sometimes I have a lovely, nurturing restorative session which leaves me feeling rested.  Other sessions might involve the release of emotional trauma which result in me feeling tired but lighter.  Other sessions have concentrated on physical symptoms and have helped with pain relief.  Jill has also given me simple tools relating to the use of breath and focus that I practise in between my sessions, and I find these particularly helpful with pain relief.

I cannot overstress the profound impact of Jill’s healing on my recovery.  I continue to work with Jill and am so grateful that she offers affordable group sessions so that everyone can have the opportunity to benefit from her energy work. I am now well enough to join in the group sessions and look forward to the support they offer me on a regular basis. I couldn’t recommend Jill highly enough for anybody who is looking to develop themselves and all aspects of their health and wellbeing.

Leila Romaya, 

The Wirral 

May 2022

This woman has now been given the all clear.

“ I highly recommend Jill she has an amazing gift.” HW Mull.

“Jill is  amazing, she helped my grandaughter and with my back pain I highly recommend her to anyone.” FM Tobermory

 Group Healing – “OMG that was so powerful, thank you.” AG Oxford

“Lots of release and the deep peace, thank you.” MS Brighton

Jill was introduced to me through a friend of mine and she has been helping me through a huge period of transformation.
Jill works in a caring, non- judgemental and compassionate way and I find it easy to talk to her about anything, she is very open minded.
A few months ago, I wasn't sleeping at all at night and felt so depleted energy-wise, and things were challenging, physically and emotionally.
I had digestive issues and leaky gut syndrome, which was causing allergic reactions in my body.
After a couple of sessions with Jill, I began to sleep better, and felt my energy coming back.
Jill works on many levels, spiritual, emotional, physical & karmic.
With all the healing on my intestines, I can now eat normal foods again, having only been able to tolerate a very restricted diet for 6 months. Having had a low thyroid, my thyroid is now back in balance. I’m amazed by how quickly the healing has taken place. 
I have gone from not being able to work at all to going back gradually to running my business again, it is a relief to be able to work again. 
I feel like a different person now and am so grateful for your support.

The healing is incredibly powerful and effective, I can recommend it to everyone who would like to bring more healing and health into their lives.

Thank you

With love

Rachel,business woman, Leeds,

In the last 10 years of knowing Jill I have come to believe she is an
exceptionally intuitive healer. The psychic information she has given
me has always been accurate, and she is one of my "go to" supports.
She uses this skill very effectively in her healing practice and can
hone in on what needs attention. She also brings a wealth of practical
experience from being a nurse and a counsellor. She is trustworthy,
accurate, reliable with a very down to earth no nonsense manner. Definitely not a high falutin show boater.
She is a great all round intuitive healer. 

Chloe, yoga teacher and artist.London

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