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Counselling • Mental Health • Meditation and Mindfulness Training • Groupwork • Massage • Bodymindfulness

Advanced Vortex Healing ® Practitioner •

One Heart Healing and Awakening • Energy and Sound Healing Arts •

Intuitive Guidance •Distance Healing • Animal Healing

• Space Clearing • Group Meditation and Healing

Over 35 years experience

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Jill Kirkham Therapies

Reflecting Light, Frequency and Love

Jill is committed to Inner work and the Awakening process.

Jill has a background as a Registered Nurse in both mental health and general nursing before training in group psychotherapy and completing an Advanced Diploma in Counselling.

She practised as a group and individual therapist for 10 years in both NHS and private health care helping with a range of conditions including stress and anxiety, addictions, depression, phobias, eating disorders, abuse, trauma and other emotional and relationship difficulties.

During her nursing years she discovered natural intuitive healing ability through feedback from patients. By regularly practising meditation this ability became more developed and led her to train in Vortex Healing® and healing arts for the last 15 years.

Meditation, Mindfulness and contemplative practise has been part of her life for 25 years and teaching this is one of her passions. She has taught in hospitals, schools and to GP practices. Jill runs workshops and retreats.

Her training also includes Swedish massage. The healing can help both physical and emotional problems . She combines her skills and experiences for both groups and individuals. She also offers sessions by phone or Skype and on Facebook events. She works around the UK and internationally.

Each person is assessed and involved in their individual plan of treatment.

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