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Jill began to practice meditation around 25 years ago with a Meditational fellowship where she began to develop a deep understanding of this inner journey and the vehicles to ‘being’ rather than doing or thinking.

The journey continued with 5 years practising Tibetan Buddhism and then 5 years practising Soto Zen.

Jill was teaching relaxation and mindfulness in mental health for many years before it became main stream and has taught healthcare staff and in mental health units.

She can do online mindfulness sessions  and runs groups in Lancashire, Manchester and in Scotland.

Often Jill will combine a guided meditation with healing.

The benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness when practised regularly

Reduced Heart Rate and Blood pressure

Reduced Stress

Reduced Tension and pain

Boosts immune system

Increased energy and alertness

Increased creativity

Deeper appreciation of life

Increased connection to self and others

Self- awareness

Body awareness

Bodymindfulness Sessions

These sessions combine gentle exercises, which can be done in a chair, deep breathing, relaxation and self awareness techniques.

The aim of these sessions is to learn self help techniques, to relax the body and mind and improve circulation and lymphatic flow.

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