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What is Energy Healing?

The human body is a source of energy and susceptible to the energies around us such as heat, light and sound. Physics has acknowledged that we are made of energy as is everything. Energy is the building block of life. Like the air we breathe it cannot be seen. It flows through everything . Even our thoughts and emotions are energy, it is just the vibrational difference that gives us the illusion of substance, rather like water, as ice it is at a slower vibration and as steam a higher vibration. Our personal energies are delicately balanced, we can feel unwell or “not right” when they are disturbed or blocked, these imbalances can result from internal and external factors.

Internal factors include:

Trauma, phobias, anxiety and stress, childhood programming, limiting beliefs, neurological, biochemical and structural imbalances, genetics, existential fears and limiting spiritual  beliefs, tension and remaining in situations that are not fulfilling or in harmony with our needs.

External factors include:

environmental  stress , toxins geopathic phenomena, nutrition, exercise, posture and astrological phenomena.

During our early life we start collecting information that determines our programming. Genetic, social and cultural aspects contribute to this. Over the years these programs and views will govern the way we use our energy and how it moves through us.

When the energies of the body are unbalanced then mental, emotional and physical problems can occur such as: illness and physical pain, emotional or mental distress, relationship problems and stress.

When the body’s energies are balanced and flowing naturally we can regain our health and feeling of wellbeing.

Energy healing is about restoring the natural balance and flow to the body and mind. The healing is holistic working on all levels aiming to restore “wholeness.” It deepens connection with ourselves, others and the natural world. Often during energy healing one can experience profound insights. Each of us are unique so experiences will vary. The healing may bring instant relief but is more usually a gradual process.

The healing is not always a quick fix and may result in a clearing process which may be difficult and last a few days. If I use a water analogy – a flowing stream becomes blocked by a fallen tree( a physical or emotional trauma), leaves, wood and other debris collect forming a dam and eventually a stagnant pool. The human system can be like this when there is a chronic issue with stuff building up over years. This cannot be cleared in one session , in fact it may take many sessions and the water is cloudy(clearing) for sometime before it runs clear. Things are stirred up which can be difficult until it clears. The clearing, however, can bring great relief and the healer can assist and support through this process if needed. An acute issue such as an injury or infection can respond well to energy healing, reducing pain and accelerating the healing process.

If a person is very disconnected or blocked they may not feel anything happening until they notice changes occurring. Others will be very sensitive to energy, some see colours or visions or relive past events.

The energy healer is a channel and charges for their time, previous training, qualifications and experience, for those who feel that healing should be free.

The healer may give advice on diet and lifestyle it is the client’s responsibility whether to heed this.

The healing does not replace medical attention, treatment or intervention if needed.

The energy healer “tunes” in to the person to sense where there may be a lack of flow/ block. This can be done at a distance as well as in person. The energy healer is trained in restoring the natural flow by aligning themselves first with the natural flow of life and love.

The person who comes for this kind of treatment will undergo a full assessment. The treatment usually involves sitting or lying down and is very relaxing. The therapist may guide the client in using visualisations or breathing to help the process. The treatment may involve the therapist using their hands to connect with a block or painful area. A session may last for an hour or more. Advice may be given/explored on issues that may arise.

Jill is an experienced, gifted  and natural energy and sound healer. She has trained in healing for 15 years including Vortex Healing and M-Energy Healing. She offers healing at a distance by phone or on line  or in person and for groups. The healing can relieve both physical and emotional conditions.

One Heart Meditation and Healing Groups.

These sessions are being developed by Jill using her deep connection to everything through the heart.

Energy Healing: Service
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